International Neuropsychological Society 2018 Mid-Year Meeting – 18/20 Luglio 2018

Bridging Science and Humanity

The conference theme, “Bridging Science and Humanity,” was inspired by Prague’s location at a crossroads of diverse cultures, languages, and political and economic systems. Our hope is that the theme of the conference together with the conference location will inspire those attending to tackle important and emerging challenges faced by the international neuropsychological community today.

Among these challenges is the fact that the science of clinical neuropsychology, unlike more basic sciences, cannot be separated from language and culture. In fact, language and culture represent key mediators of how neuropsychology is taught and practiced, and many assumptions about neuropsychology that hold true in one part of the world may well not be applicable elsewhere. Consequently, although advances in our understanding of brain-behavior relationships, pathophysiology of neurological conditions, and behavioral manifestations of brain insults are all necessary for the advancement of neuropsychology as a clinical and scientific discipline, they are not sufficient: Interpreting such advances within concrete human contexts is key.

In line with the theme of bridging science and humanity, the 2018 INS mid-year meeting in Prague will focus on the following topics:

  1. The practice of neuropsychology in an increasingly globalized and diverse world
  2. The neuroscience of key human processes, such as morality, ethics, or political and economic decision making
  3. The application of science to humane and holistic patient care


18/20 Luglio 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

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