4th International Symposium “Low Vision and the Brain” – 24/26 Novembre 2017

Rescue, Regeneration, Restoration and Rehabilitation

The 4th International Symposium “Low Vision and the Brain” is unique as it addresses the eye-brain interaction in an interdisciplinary manner, touching the fields of ophthalmology, neurology, neuropsychology, rehabilitation medicine, engineering, pharmacology and technology.

The conference explores the topic of vision loss after damage to the retina, optic nerve or brain. The 4r-vision event will showcase recent paradigm shifts in basic science, clinical care, and industry innovations, including drugs and devices that can reduce cell death, stem cells and regeneration, behavioural training and electrical devices (prosthesis and non-invasive brain stimulation) that restore some vision and/or strengthen residual visual capacities through brain plasticity.

In addition, psychological topics will be discussed, such as the role of stress and coping difficulties in low vision, substitution and compensation.


24/26 Novembre 2017
Robert-Koch-Platz 7
10115 Berlin (DE)

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